Laila Seidel is an award-winning artist based in Czech Republic and Germany whose paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, e.g. in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Latvia and Slovakia. She primarily creates her intriguing paintings with oils and acrylics on canvas.

About Laila Seidel - by Carla Habel, Art Historian

The places for artistic inspiration can be diverse: nature, big cities, foreign countries. Laila Seidel seeks her inspiration in places that are blank spots on the map for many Western Europeans. She travels to the countries of the former Soviet Union, to Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and so on. There she finds the motifs that she later turns into paintings in her studio.

Her paintings are based on photographs taken on location. This results in pictures that seem to come directly from the moment and capture an event, a person, a movement or even just an impression in the painting. She is not interested in the exact reproduction of the event, but rather in capturing a vision. This is also reflected in the stark colours she uses in her paintings. The painting is neither realistic nor abstract. Instead, Laila Seidel plays with different painting genres to create her very own style.

Laila Seidel about her inspiration

I just love that special feeling when I am on a bus, train or plane and about to embark on a new adventure. That excitement, the tingle in my stomach. Not knowing exactly what the day will bring. Just trusting that it will be good. I have a similar feeling when I start to ceate a new painting.

Since my work is based on snapshots I know the general direction of the artwork; I have a drawing as a "roadmap"; I have a vision of the destination. But there is always room for little turn-offs, surprises, unexpected twists and turns and new inspiration along the way.

My artworks invite you to go on a journey. I hope they lift your spirits and make your heart exclaim with joy and wonder: What is THAT?
Oh, that's interesting!
Ah, how beautiful!

Enrich your journey with vibrant artworks!

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  • Solo Shows

    2023 "A Trip into the Nature", MyHive Jindrisska, Prague, Czech Republic
    2023 "Ceska Zahrada - Böhmischer Garten", Kulturwerkstatt Walle, Bremen, Germany
    2019 "Global Artist“, Galerie im Heuerhaus, Dötlingen, Germany
    2019 "2d3d", gallery per-seh, Ronnefeld, Germany
    2017 "Malarstwo. Kritsch & Seidel", (Doppelausstellung) Städtisches Museum Jaworzno, Poland 2017 Galerie Art Nowa 2 Katowice, Poland
    2016 "Von Transsilvanien bis zum Ende der Welt", Belladonna, Bremen
    2016 "Jingalinga", kunstmix produzentengalerie Bremen
    2016 "ABC- The Point where it gets ridiculous", 2016 QWERTZ Buchstabenladen/Galerie per-seh, Hannover
    2010 „Junge Kunst: Laila Seidel", Galerie N, Nienburg

  • Group Shows

    2022, Accrochage, Galerie 149, Bremerhaven
    2022, Querbeet x, Galerie kunstmix, Bremen
    2022, Starptautiskā glezniecības plenēra “Valdis Bušs” kolekcija no Viļakas muzeja krājuma,Bulduri Exhibition House, Jurmala, Latvia
    2020 The best of us, Galerie im Heuerhaus, Dötlingen
    2020 TetraPack 10.0 Destination unknown, Galerie 149 Bremerhaven
    2019 "TetraPack 9.0 NEW DIMENSIONS", Galerie Hugo, Braunschweig
    2018 "Rýchle Spoje", galéria statua, Pállfyho Palác, Bratislava, Slovakia
    2018 "Galerie kunstmix auf Reisen", Galeria Levendula, Gödöllö, Hungary
    2018 "Shred D’Art", Galerie Schau Fenster, Berlin
    2017 "Rýchle Spoje", Villa Ichon & Villa Sponte Bremen (inernat. Group Show organized by L. Seidel)
    2017 "TetraPack 8.0", Kunstverein Lübbecke
    20016 "Wurzeln schlagen", Bremer Landesvertretung Berlin
    2015 "Kulturelle Landpartie", Galerie perseh, Wendland
    2015 "Karpaten/Ruinen/Wölfe", Bremen
    2014 "Man spricht vom Krieg", Bremen, Prague, Benesov, Vienna, Sarajevo, Berlin
    2014 "Non Stop Reception", Borsec, Romania
    2013 "TetraPack 7.0", Kunstmix, Bremen
    2013" TetraPack 6.0", Städtische Galerie Petershagen
    2013 Muzeul de Istorie , Suceava, Romania
    2012 "TetraPack 5.0" , imago Kunstverein, Wedemark
    2011 "TetraPack 4.0" , Atelier[hof]Galerie, Bremen
  • Art Fairs

    2022, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Artrelations
    2021, Contemporary Art Ruhr, Artrelations
    2021, Open Art Fest, Prague, CZ
    2018 „Frankfurter Buchmesse“, Paper cut Performance, Wienand publishing house, Frankfurt
    2013 & 2015 "ART Innsbruck" ,Galerie Kass , Innsbruck/Milano, Innsbruck, Austria
    2011 "Bremer Kunstfrühling 2011" , Galerie perseh, Bremen
    2010 "KIC Nord Art 2010" , Galerie perseh, Büdelsdorf
    2009 "contemporary art ruhr 2009 , Zeche Zollverein, Essen
    2009 "KUBOShow", Herne
    2009 "Elbart", Hamburg

  • Residencies, Prizes & Nominations

    2020 Farmstudio residency - Vysoka, CZ
    2019 Valdis Buss Painting Symposium, Mark Rothko Art Center, Vilaka, Latvia
    2019 Kopanize bez Hranice, Vrbovce, Slovakia
    2017 Bel Tam, Kyrgyzstan
    2015 Multipoint Nitra, Nitra, Slovakia
    2014 & 2013 "Inside Zone", Romania
    2010 Annaberg, Poland

    2023 "VAA Professional Artist Award", longlisted
    2018 "13.Werner-Kühl-Preis" , Kreismuseum Syke, nominee
    2013 „Reisebilder“, magazine Artist Window, winner
    2012 "7.Werner-Kühl-Preis" , Kreismuseum Syke, nominee
    2011 "Blick nach Draußen" , Kunstpreis der Gemeinde Rastede, nominee
    2008 „Kunstpreis Ottersberg“, nominee
  • Education & more

    studies of Free Visual Arts at FH Ottersberg, degree diploma
    Work as a visual artist since 2007
    Member of BBK (German Artist Union) and VAA (British Visual Artist Association)

    Member of artists’ collective TetraPack (2010 -2020) and of producers’ gallery Kunstmix (2015 – 2019)
  • Gallery Representation

    Galerie per-seh, Lübeck, Germany
    ARTRELATIONS, Visbek, Germany

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