Connect to yourself through art

Reiki and Painting - A magical combination

Life can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially as an expat. This workshop series is designed to help and support you in a creative and healing way.

Working with your Chakras aims to help you reconnect with your inner self, making you more aware of your needs and desires. We offer different sessions, each focussing on a specific chakra, giving You the opportunity to explore aspects of your roots, wishes, strengths, hopes, dream life, spirituality, fears and abundance.

Painting empowers you to express yourself and your ideas vividly and nonverbally.

You will explore your artistic spirit in a fun and relaxed way, guided by experienced teacher Laila Seidel, a professional visual artist and Reiki practitioner.

Depart with not just a beautiful abstract painting but a profound sense of self-discovery, a network of new friends, and the tools to continue your healing journey.

  • Small group
  • 3h workshop
  • including Reiki experience
  • 39 EUR / 975 CZK p.P. per session
  • All materials included

I am currently looking for a new space to host this monthly event!
I will let you know asap the new venue and dates!
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  • Hi Laila, thank you again for the workshop, I really enjoyed it. I've never painted on canvas before and it was really nice to try it.

  • The meditation part was really very strong as well and I could imagine listen to it even a bit longer!

  • I loved the atmosphere and the essential oils. And dripping the paint on the canvas. Yay!

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