Draw a line to unite your Team!

In a world where collaboration and innovation are paramount, this one-line drawing activity offers a refreshing approach to strengthening team bonds and fostering a creative mindset among colleagues.

Choose the level of creativity that suits your team – from the short, impactful version with coloured pens on cardboard to the extended, immersive experience of painting portraits on canvas.

The final masterpieces could be proudly displayed on your office walls.

Implementing the workshop is hassle-free. I come to your office building or event location and provide all necessary materials.

  • For small to mid sized groups
  • Duration 1,5 or 3 hours
  • short version 15€ / 375 CZK p.p.*
  • Long version 40 € / 1.000 CZK p.p*

Elevate your team's dynamics by booking this workshop today. Contact me through the contact form and let's discuss how we can tailor this experience to meet your team's unique needs.

*Prices for events in Prague, Czech Republic. Request a quote for other cities or countries.

  • Wow! I will do something like this in the future more often! It was so much fun!

  • When you think about it, the title of an artwork is just as important as the painting itself!

  • Thank you so much for this workshop. I was a bit scared before as I was never good at painting, but this was so cool!

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