Wildwuchs / Wild Growth 1 - Original Painting

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A walk through the Czech countryside. How many different plants can grow in a single field? Let your gaze wander through this abundant diversity.

Village life is full of inspiration. When I see something that interests me, I have to take a photo immediately. The next day the field may look completely different, some flowers may have already faded and new ones are growing. This constant change is so beautiful and calming for the mind.

Technically, this rather abstract acrylic painting was inspired by Aboriginal paintings that I saw in Australia. Working on a dark primed canvas adds depth and a bit of mystery to the subject. Some people have even told me that they are waiting for a tiger to enter this scene.

It's sure to add a touch of enchanting nature to your study or living area.

  • Oil on canvas, stretched on a supported wooden frame.
  • Diptych, each 90 x 65 x 2 cm
  • Ready to hang and enjoy right away. 

    Note: This painting will be part of the exhibition "A trip into Nature - Part 2" from 27.02 to 26.03.2024 in MyHive Pankrác House in Nusle, Prague 4. Shipping will be possible afterwads.